meet your camp counselor


Hi! I’m Jen and I’m obsessed with supporting female entrepreneurs because, heck, I think the world would be a better place with more confident, female leaders in it.

Consider me your camp counselor on this journey. I'm here to guide you from idea to execution in turning your passion into the brand you've been dreaming of.

I kicked off my career in brand marketing at Procter & Gamble, called by Forbes, "a great training ground that produces powerful business and marketing leaders capable of building iconic brands and empowered organizations that produce sustainable results.

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Needless to say, during my time there, I fell in love with branding and learned A LOT - including the fact that working corporate was totally not my jam. I'm talking ending up in the hospital with a job induced panic attack - not my jam. Yeaah, it was bad.

I knew I wanted to build my own brand and have the freedom to live life on my terms. The problem was that I had no idea how to get there. So, I set out to talk with as many women entrepreneurs as possible to learn how they had turned their dreams into realities. 

What I discovered along the way was that success was just as much about confidence as anything else. It was having the confidence to take chances, to put yourself out there, and go beyond your comfort zone. I also realized that my experience building brands could be used to help women find that confidence.

I believe branding your business has the same effect as putting on a pair of killer heels and red lipstick. When you look good you feel good and you feel confident showing people what you're all about.

The conversations I'd been having turned into a contributing role with Entrepreneur Network where I've been able to share my interviews with women like Jen Hyman of Rent the Runway, Katia Beauchamp of Birchbox, Jaclyn Johnson of Create & Cultivate, Salli Krawcheck of Ellevest and so many other incredible ladies.

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My ah-ha moment had also led me to leave corporate and begin working with women on helping to bring their brands to life. When I decided to step out on my own and build my business, it was terrifying! But, knowing what I wanted to build, who I wanted to serve, what my bigger purpose was, and having a beautiful brand behind it gave me the confidence to go for it.

After 1 year in business I had doubled my corporate income, earned multiple 5-figures in brand sponsorships, been asked to speak at events around the world, taken two fully sponsored trips, was offering my advice for one of the most trusted media networks in the country, and had cultivated a community of rad women who shared my mission to see women succeed.

I developed Brand Camp using the proven strategies I’ve learned and applied to my work with Fortune 100 brands, venture backed businesses, small business owners, full time bloggers, and everything in between. And now, I’m ready to pass all of that brand goodness onto you all. I want you to have all of the confidence in the world to go after everything you dream of for your life and your business. 

I cannot wait to meet you at Brand Camp and see what magic we can make together!

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