what's included


When you enroll in Brand Camp, you're getting so much more than just a course.

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Get set for success

Time Management &
Goal Setting workshop

 Learn how to get organized, take control of your time, set clear goals, and put the systems in place to get the most out of your time at Brand Camp and beyond.

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bonuses galore

$3,000 + in additional training materials

Bonus workshops, partner special offers, design & tech trainings and more to be announced during the course launch. 

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the campsite

Campers' only facebook group
for feedback & sharing

Your space to connect with other bossbabes, share your work, ask questions, and find potential business partners & cheerleaders.

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member directory

listing of camper's businesses & social media

At the end of Brand Camp you will be able to submit your brand to the member's directory so you can continue to build relationships with your fellow Campers.

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Video lesson to take you from
Big idea to Execution

Each workshop is broken into a series of lessons, each made up of easy to consume videos that layout the exact roadmap for building your brand.

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implementation tools

worksheets, templates, & tools to put what you learn into practice

Everything you need to take what you learn in Brand Camp and apply it to your business as you go through the course & beyond as you continue to build your brand.

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live office hours

1 hour / week to get live support
from Jen inside of the Campsite

Each week you will have the opportunity to submit your questions and get on a live call with Jen to help you move through the course & build your brand.

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community support

accountability buddies & coaching

Inside of the Campsite you will have the chance to connect with an accountability buddy who can help you stay on track with your goals + access to Jen for additional support.


What You'll Do at Camp

Here's a look at the exact course curriculum so you can make sure the training is right for you.

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pre-course prep

get set for success

Do you find that you always have time to work on other people's businesses but never on your own? That the projects that are going to propel you forward seem to be the ones that stay at the bottom of your to-do list? 

In this introductory module you will learn how to get organized, take control of your time, set clear goals, and put the systems in place to get the most out of your time at Brand Camp and beyond.

  1. How to use this course: Watch the introductory lesson that explains in detail how to go through this course and get the most from it.
  2. Online & offline organization: Follow my step by step guide for getting organized including my recommended tools and resources.
  3. Time management & goal setting: Learn strategies for finding time to work on your business and establishing clear goals to work towards.
  4. Community: Meet your other campers in the Brand Camp private Facebook group and learn how to use this space to get feedback and support throughout the course.

module 1

uncover your brand positioning & purpose

Do you struggle to answer the question "what do you do?" and sort of hate when people ask you? Do you find you're stuck spinning your wheels trying to figure out exactly what it is you're trying to build?

In this workshop you will learn how to get crystal clear about your brand, establish what you want to be known for, how you want to be perceived, and how to make decisions that are going to get you to your biggest dreams for your business .

  1. Define your brand positioning: Learn how to find your brand’s unique & ownable niche in the market and explain what your brand does with grace & ease.
  2. Tell your brand story: Learn how to use the power of storytelling to bring greater meaning and human connection into your brand.
  3. Establish clear brand values: Learn how to create a system of values that communicate what your brand stands fo.
  4. Write your brand mission: Learn how to elevate your brand above just the products & services you sell and connect it to a bigger purpose that resonates with your audience.
  5. Set your brand vision: Learn how to create your brand’s north star - what you aspire for your brand to become.
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    module 2

    attract your ideal audience

    Do you really know who your customers are? Like really know? Does it feel like they know who you are? Or do you feel like you're constantly shouting into the wind and hearing crickets echo back?

    In this workshop you will learn how to determine who the best customers are for your brand as well as how to find them, capture their attention, and earn their trust, loyalty, and dollars.

    1. Define your specific customer niche: Learn to identify who your brand is best suited for and how to communicate that in a way that captures the attention of this audience.
    2. Conduct amazing market research - for free: Learn my systems for discovering where to find your perfect customers, discover exactly what they want, and get them excited to buy from you.
    3. Create customer personas: Learn how to create detailed dossiers of your ideal customers that help you make better, faster decisions about what to sell and how to communicate with them.

    module 3

    craft an irresistIble personality

    Do you catch yourself wondering why anyone would buy from you when there seems to be 100s of others doing exactly what you do? Here's the truth. It doesn't matter. People will work with you because they like you.

    In this workshop you will learn how to bring out your brands's uniquely irresistible personality so that you can stand out and attract the audience that's right for you.

    1. Craft your brand persona: Learn how to draw out your brand's unique character and bring to life your brand’s purpose and values.
    2. Build your brand pillars: Learn a simple system for structuring how your brand looks, talks, and behaves.
    3. Create your mood board: Learn how to create a visual reflection of your brand persona and lay the foundation for your brand style.
    4. Find your brand voice: Learn how to define how your brand communicates and coin your signature words & sayings.
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    module 4

    Build your brand identity

    Do you sometimes doubt the name you've picked for your brand? Have you ever felt like people are always getting it wrong, confusing it, or just plain not remembering? 

    In this workshop you are going to learn how to pick the perfect name for your brand and design a logo that it can proudly stand behind.

    1. Naming your brand: Learn how to come up with a name for your brand and critically evaluate if it’s the right one to use.

    2. Creating your brand logo:  Learn the anatomy of a logo, 4 types your brand should have, and how to design one like (or with) a pro.



    module 5

    style your brand

    Do you ever feel yourself shying away from telling people about what you do because you're a little embarrassed of what they''ll find? Do you feel like what you're putting out into the world isn't a good reflection of how amazing you really are?

    In this workshop you will learn how to build a beautiful brand identity that authentically reflects your business and that you feel damn good showing off.

    1. Choose your brand colors: Learn the principles of color theory and how to select colors that best reflect your brand personality.
    2. Select your brand fonts: Learn how to choose fonts with intention that compliment your color pallet and add depth to your communication
    3. Develop a visual style: Learn how to define your visual style, use icons and patterns effectively, and create clear photography guidelines.
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    module 6

    bring your brand to life online

    Do you find yourself telling people that your website "isn't really ready yet" because you don't feel good about how it looks? Do you shy away from social media because you don't know what to post or what to say?

    In this workshop you will learn how to build a brand website that you actually want people to find and use social media to bring your brand to life in a beautiful way.

    1. Build your brand website: Learn how to build a website that draws customers in and turns them from browsers into buyers.
    2. Set up Social Media: Learn how to set up your social media profiles to attract a followers and increase engagement.



    how 'bout them


    Everything you need to build your brand is covered during the 6 core modules. Bonuses are over $3,000 worth of cherries on top to give you an extra helping hand.

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    Build Your Brand Book

    Learn how to package your brand guidelines so they can be shared with your team and partners.


    Social Media Set Up

    Learn how to setup and use business business profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


    Guest Expert Workshops

    Exclusive interviews with experts on growing your brand with PR, Instagram, blogging, & partnerships.


    How to Work with Designers

    Learn my systems & tools for effectively working with creative partners to bring your vision to life.


    Build Your Brand Website

    Learn how to set up a Squarespace website & integrate essential tools like ConvertKit & Leadpages.


    Brand Health Checks

    Step by step guide for conducting brand audits and knowing when it's time rebrand your business.


    Canva Crash Course

    Learn how to use Canva to create beautiful brand assets for free and without any experience in design.


    Special Offers

    Savings on purchases from Brand Camp partners as well as 1:1 coaching services with Jen.


    Collateral & Merch

    Learn how to use branded collateral & merchandise to cultivate community & leave a lasting impression.